7 Reasons You Should Be Using The Membership Model

Photo by Sarah / CC BY-SA 2.0
Photo by Sarah / CC BY-SA 2.0

In the early months of 2015, I changed my primary online business model completely. It wasn’t pretty… but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Every one-off product I had was pulled from the shelves. EBooks. Video courses. Even 1-to-1 consulting calls.

All of those materials have been moved to a single recurring membership. There is no way to get them except start that membership.

At first this was tough. While I already had a recurring membership component, it only accounted for about one-third of my income.

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How To Get Passionate Twitter Followers

There’s a shortcut for everything. A fast way to get what other spent years building.

Welcome to the world of online business. We’re always looking to cut corners.

You might be reading this article expecting a revelation on Twitter followers. That secret advice that no one else shares.

The way to get 10,000 Twitter followers, fast. And not just followers. People who click, reply and retweet everything you tweet out.

My friend… this is just not happening.

Can’t Buy Love

You can buy 10,000 followers. They will likely not even be real people. But if all you want is to see that number, this is an option.

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Episode 48 – The GoToWebinar Review

Webinar Marketing Podcast review of the GoToWebinar hosting platform

GoToWebinar is the most popular webinar hosting platform out there for internet marketers. So I should probably give it some time.

This episode is a review of the features for GoToWebinar.com. At least, what they are as I see it.

We talk about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. What works, what doesn’t.

GoToWebinar is the most reliable webinar hosting service I have used. It just plain works.

Plus it is a fully contained system. Host the webinar, host your recordings, build your registration page, send out your reminders, send out your follow-ups. It’s all here.

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What Is A Webinar?

What is a Webinar? And how do webinars fit into this great big online marketing journey?

You may have heard that webinars are a great way to get new leads for your business. Make new sales. Conquer the world.

Great… if you only knew what the heck a webinar is. No one will step back to explain that to you.

Put simply, a webinar is an online presentation. It’s any corporate meeting, faculty meeting, briefing, whatever you want to call it – but presented online.

Oh wow! An online meeting! All the part-time online entrepreneurs who have a 9-5 job just left. Shuddering at the thought of coming home to ANOTHER meeting.

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Episode 47 – 6 Steps To Hosting An Awesome Webinar


You don’t need to be afraid to host a webinar. You just need to be prepared.

Do you have an audience? If not, you have to find one. Your first webinar will be better if you host it for an existing list.

If you have that audience alreaddy? No more excuses. Time to host a webinar!

In Episode 47 of The Webinar Marketing Podcast, I’ll take you through the 6 step checklist you need to follow to get your webinar out there.

Click Here to Download the Free Checklist!

When you finish this podcast, you’re going to know exactly what direction to go in right now.

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